Puglia, and the Salento in particular, have long been a favourite holiday destination for Italians who flock down from the north of Italy to the Salento peninsula that sits between the Adriatic and the Ionian seas. It is now becoming one of the favourite Italian destinations for visitors from all over the world but still remains unspoilt.  Here you will find something for everyone, from sandy beaches, crystal clear seas, rocky coves and grottos to the fantastic historic cities and the fascinating tiny villages. From May to September the weather is good …. blue skies and sunshine are almost guaranteed!

Discover Puglia - Sunrise over th

We have been living at the top end of the Salento, south of Brindisi, since December 2005. We love Puglia and want to share it with you, to help you plan your Puglia holiday and to get the best out of it. On this page, dedicated to people coming to Puglia on holiday, we have collected to together all sorts of information about Puglia. If you can’t find what you are looking for or have questions that have not been answered please contact us, if we don’t have the information or answers, we are sure to know someone who does.