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If you like seafood and fish don’t miss Senza Stile, a perfect Puglia seaside restaurant in unspoiled Puglia, really a true Puglia gem. Senza Stile is one of our favourite local restaurants, it is a place that represents to us the real Puglia in a perfect location, the warmth and welcome and the food, where we can while away many relaxing hours.

Senza Stile on the outskirts of Torre San Gennaro is an informal seafood and fish restaurant, with its very own style. The owners explained their concept to us in a mixture of Italian and English. “Senza stile” literally translates to “without style”, or as the owners put it “without form”. A better interpretation would be “informal”. This Puglia beach bar does indeed have style. Its very simplicity is its style.

It is perfectly located in a yet unspoiled Puglia location on the edge of a tiny piazza with easy access to a beautiful sandy beach. Open for lunch and dinner, Senza Stile opens up for the season much earlier than most other local businesses. Imagine yourself soaking up the sun, the view, the ambience. If you want to relax, to enjoy unspoiled Puglia, to meet locals then Senza Stile is a perfect Puglia place in which to do so.

The food is traditional, simple and uncomplicated. “Molto buono”.  Our favourites include the deep-fried alici and baccala with aioli, cozze grattinate, sea bass baked in the oven, pesce spada. The food was well cooked, piping hot and extremely good. We always leave room for the home-made panna cotta and generally roundoff our meal with coffee and digestivi. The owners are friendly and enthusiastic. Senza Stile opens early in the year and continues long past the end of the season. It is open every day for lunch and dinner, unless the weather is bad. Happily, bad weather doesn’t happen too often in southern Puglia and the Salento.

Just the other side of the small sand dunes there is a beautiful sandy beach. South of the centre of Torre San Gennaro this end of the beach is completely unspoiled. Shallow, clear blue waters for paddlers and toddlers, it’s easy to walk into the sea if you prefer sea walking or swimming. The sandy beach, decorated with thousands of tiny white shells, is perfect for sun-worshippers and for making sandcastles. Spend the morning on the beach and then have lunch at Senza Stile, or lunch at this perfect Puglia beach bar followed by an afternoon on the beach. Either way, we guarantee you will be completely relaxed and will have experienced unspoiled Puglia at it’s best.

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