Puglia, perfect for vacations, rapidly becoming one of the must-go holiday destinations, but still remains unspoilt. It has also become a popular relocation home for many ex-pats.  Why? It is less expensive than Tuscany and other Italian hot spots. It’s about as far south you can go on the Italian mainland, and the climate reflects its location. Mild winters, although we do occasionally see a smattering of snow, spring comes early to Puglia. From April life outdoors begins again and goes on through to late November.

Reminiscent of Italy many years ago, the pace of life is still relatively slow, life is for living. What’s for lunch or dinner may be one of the most important conversations of the day. There are large cities where you may find a noisy night-life but the charm of Puglia is in the small villages and towns, the warmth of the locals and the warmth of the midday sun.

Salento, Puglia, surrounded by water on three sides

You’re not likely to find all-day breakfasts, fish and chips or roast dinners unless you are invited to eat at the home of an English ex-pat, that is. This is not Ibiza or Tenerife or other well-known tourist hot spots. Neither is it Monaco or the South of France. Off the beaten track, maybe a little shabby in places, Puglia is the sum of its amazing history and frequent invasions. Here you will find acres of peaceful olive groves, sandy beaches, rocky coastlines, amazing architecture, years of history, restaurants from the simple trattoria to the more up-market masseria (restored farmhouse) and excellent food and wine.

With so much to explore, here we have gathered together information about our much loved Puglia to help you plan and enjoy your vacation, or your new life, in la bella Puglia. We’ll help you discover beaches up and down both coastlines, sleepy villages, historic centres of Puglia cities and towns, places of interest and much much more.